Textile Rolling and Inspecting Machines

Textile Machinery

TEXTILE MACHINERY Fabric inspecting, measuring, re-rolling, folding, slitting and much more     Since 1980 Hiemac have been designing, manufacturing and installing a wide variety of fabric inspecting, rolling and processing machines world wide. Our machines are of excellent quality, durable, reliable and to world standards. They range from heavy industrial processing from 3 tonne ‘A’ frames to our unique bench mount hand wind machine. We have counters, cutters, folders, blockers, slitters, batching and de batching machines and much more.   DELTA 3 inspecting, measure and rolling machine   ALPHA 3 inspecting, measure and rolling machine     HW 1800 hand wind fabric measuring machine.   BETA 4 inspecting, measure and rolling machine.   EASYFOLD VX fabric folding and blocking machine.   34D Tape cutting machine.   FABRIC BATCHING AND DE BATCHING machines.