Textile Rolling and Inspecting Machines

Alpha – Fabric Inspection Machine – Measure, Cut & Re-roll

ALPHA 3   COMPACT HEAVY DUTY FABRIC INSPECTING AND MEASURING FABRIC INSPECTING, MEASURING & RE-ROLLING MACHINE Do you process industrial quantities of fabric. Having problems ensuring fabric quality. Do you need to inspect for weaving and surface faults Do you need to cut and roll to length from large rolls. High speed electronic edge guiding. Variable speed, forward and reverse. Output rolls to 120Kg with edge guiding. Input from heavy jumbo rolls or lapped stacks. Front roll up for easy roll removal and manual processing. Inclined wide viewing panel with under lighting. Adjustable cloth tension fingertip control for zero tension. Welded steel construction. This machine and its ancillary equipment and options can be customized to any configuration.           You might also be interested in: Beta – Fabric Inspection Machine – Measure, Cut & Re-roll DELTA – Fabric Inspection Machine – Measure, Cut & Re-Roll Hand Wind 1800 – Fabric inspection machine, measure, cut & re-roll 34D Tape Cutter – Fabric Tape Cutting Machine