24-7 Dry Clean Machine

Autoserve 24/7 Dry Clean Machine


Allow customers to pick-up and drop-off garments any time, day or night.

24-7 SuperDry Door

The 24-7 SuperDry Door gives working professionals the opportunity to get to your dry cleaning shop after hours, 7 days per week.

The 24-7 SuperDry Door allows customers to pick up or drop off garments any time they like. Supermarkets are open around the clock to service those extra customers, banks have been using automated teller machines for well over 20 years. Today both men and women are often working from 9-5 every day making it difficult to get to those shops that close at 5.30. People demand and expect convenience, and in order to keep up, businesses are having to adapt.

How it works
A customer walks up to the cleaners at 7pm, carrying a bag of soiled garments. Using their card, they insert it into the machine positioned at the front of the store, and drop their bag into the drop off box. At the same time the door on the face of the machine quietly opens, allowing the customer to take their cleaned and pressed garments from the hook. Quickly and efficiently the customer is finished in minutes – and all while the store is ‘closed’ and secure.

Insert your card into the machine
make your selection via the user friendly touch screen

Insert your card into the machine, and make your selection via the user friendly touch screen, everything else is automatic. The doors will open and close, and your new garments will be delivered in seconds.

Pressing the button on the touch screen opens the drop box door

Pressing the button on the touch screen opens the drop box door, a receipt is issued, the soiled garments placed in the box and the door is closed again.

Hiemac Bi Level Carousel


The Bi Level Carousel
Behind the 24-7 SuperDry Door is the Hiemac multi-level computer controlled carousel. This carousel can be accessed from the shop counter, as in normal operation or from the 24-7 SuperDry Door outside the shop at any time.

With normal shop counter operation, the attendant enters the customer’s details into the computer and the carousel rotates quietly and smoothly, bringing the customer’s garments to the counter. By the time the payment details are finalised, the attendant simply takes the garments from the carousel and hands them over to the customer.

No more leaving the customer for several minutes at a time and scrambling down to the back of the shop to find the garments.


The Hiemac Bi-Level Carousel is sturdy, has proven reliability and can take your dry cleaned garments into the ceiling area giving you more valuable floor space. Casinos around the world have been relying on 24-7 operation of our carousels for their vital uniform distribution for years at length.


What it Can Mean to You

  • Rapid Return of Investment – The competitive advantage and convenience of the 24-7 door has seen Return Of Investments in 2 years or less. After that it’s money in your pocket and a constantly increasing customer base.
  • Gain extra customers – by being able to service your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people can get to your store any time they like – especially important for those that work later or get involved in after-work sports. Plus it’s also shown to vastly increase loyalty – once they start using the 24-7 door they don’t want to go anywhere else.
  • The 24-7 SuperDry Door is much narrower than imported units, giving greater counter space, more usable shop area and shop security.
  • The 24-7 SuperDry Door can be driven by your existing ‘Liberty’, ‘DCCS’ or ‘Vinron’ computer.
  • Being Australian made means you will have help to make sure everything fits efficiently into your shop, that you have the best equipment available and ongoing after-sales service.
  • Gain the advantage over your opposition, reduce your operating costs, increase your productivity and gain those extra customers.
24-7 Electronic Valet is automatically locked after the customer has finished

The 24-7 SuperDry Door is less than a meter wide and has a narrow door to stop entry but easily accessible for garment removal. Both doors are automatically locked after the customer has finished.