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Garment Storage & Retrieval Systems

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Garment Carousels & Conveyors

GARMENT CAROUSELS & CONVEYORS HUNG APPAREL CONVEYING & STORAGE FOR HOTELS & CASINOS   Reduce labor and increase income Automating garment retrieval drastically reduces wasted employee time-and-effort shuffling through endless garment tags searching for the correct one. Customers or employees no longer get impatient waiting at the counter, and the more important tasks can be focused on.   Hiemac’s Carousels are easy to install, very durable and delivers maintenance free operation. The service life of these conveyors is 20+ years. So before making your financial commitment to a conveyor consider the true cost of what you are investing in.   Hiemac have an extensive range of Carousels, slick rail, screw conveyors and bagging machines to provide a total dry cleaning and laundry conveyor system. All our equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia giving immediate installation, excellent after sales service, best prices and the best quality by far.